3 type pairs with the Oswald font

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3 parejas tipográficas con la fuente Oswald
3 type pairs with the Oswald font

Oswald typeface is a font style condensed It is very fashionable since the appearance and forcefulness of its characters makes it very special. Its design is ideal for ads with a modern and serious touch but with its own personality.

If we review his history Oswald is a redesign of the classic style Sans serif “Alternate Gothic” in order to better adapt to the pixel grid of digital screens and be able to be used effectively on the Internet, computers and any mobile device.

Here, our design team gives you the clues to three great combinations to use the free Oswald font on your filkers templates.



The Roboto typeface family is characterized by having a geometric skeleton typical of styles Sans serif but it has open and friendly curves that make it a very legible typeface and gives a natural rhythm to reading.

✅ Use Oswald with style Bold or bold for titles or highlights and Roboto with style Regular or normal for the rest of the texts.


Cardo is a font developed to meet the needs of those designs with a more classic style. Works great in projects where a high-quality vintage typeface is best suited.

✅ Combine Oswald font with style Regular or normal for your titles or highlights and Cardo typography also with style Regular or normal for other texts.


The Raleway typeface has a wide family of styles and is characterized by a very elegant, geometric and neo-grotesque-inspired design.

✅ Play with stylish Oswald typography Bold or bold for your headlines or highlights and stylish Raleway font Regular or normal for smaller ones.

As we have seen, Oswald stands out for its formal, authentic and avant-garde style that makes your style not lose its personality. If you don’t want to get involved trying the wide range of sources available, follow this simple guide to succeed with your videos. At Filkers we make it easy for you.


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