Power your communication

your products
into video products

Start creating video marketing and convert faster with your eCommerce.
Everything you need to create video content for your store.

One-click personalized product videos

Share your creatives on your social media channels.
Any size and format.


Over 1000+ templates to choose from in any size and format.


Turn your products into videos with a single click.


Create content in minutes and share it anywhere.

Social ads

Promote with product video that can be uploaded to multiple platforms. Now is the time to promote your eCommerce products in a more visible and attractive way. Think big when you’re promoting videos!

Email Marketing

Filkers allows you to turn your products into GIFs in one click.

Connect your eCommerce and synchronize your entire catalog with more than 1,000 ready-to-use professional video templates.

Automatically generated animated GIF from Filkers exports optimized for sending messages via email.


Your website
with video

The only plugin capable of creating product video sliders for WordPress and Shopify 2.0 that update in real time with any CMS changes

Shopify 2.0

Promote with video. Themes created for Online Store 2.0 use sections to create your ideal design. Using sections and blocks in your templates gives you more flexibility in how you organize your store content, allowing you to control the look and feel of your online store without the need to edit code.


Add the latest real-time technology to your editor. Reduce time, money and efforts.


Your favorite editor with new Filkers widgets to improve the visual quality of your website.

Get the most out of Canva

Connect Canva with Filkers and access all the images in your Commerce in real time to instantly create designs with your products without the need to upload and download the images.

Filkers syncs online with your store to always have all your product images up-to-date on Canva.

Now with CANVA and FILKERS you design without limits!