All-in-one solution for
Video Content Creation

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What does Filkers Enterprise solve?

Automation of generation processes. All kinds of content.

It doesn’t matter the format or size. Filkers adapts to the needs of your organization including MP4 videos, GIFs or static content.

Adaptation of your creativities to templates

We adapt any creativity to your needs, creating templates synchronized with any product feed. Fully customizable in real time.

Drastic savings in content production time and costs

Bulk or batch processing is the ability to automatically generate personalized content in large volumes, reducing costs and production times.

Do you need 200 new creatives and all different from each other? Try Filkers Enterprise.


Real time

All your data workflow is integrated and synchronized in real time. Synchronization tools reactive with your data.

Save time and money

Improve your delivery times and content creation. All this will influence a great cost-saving.

Personalized attention

The enterprise service has personalized attention. We work side by side with you on each project.

Easy drive


Filkers Enterprise easily integrates with any kind of data source to start generating custom visual content.

Many of our integrations have self-installing plugins or modules with your CMS.

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end to end

Optimization of all processes and resources, avoiding cost overruns, drastically reducing approval times between agency and client.

Working together

We are part of your team

We work side by side with you in each project to help you achieve the best results. In case you do not want to manage the tool, we can also do it for you.


Understanding your requirements. You give us the client’s creative and the data you want for your creativities and we take care of the rest.


Preparing a personalized dashboard. We prepare a dashboard containing the desired tailored-made designs to be managed automatically on your own.


Receive a tailored-made content generation dashboard. From this dashboard you can generate new personalized content and update it at any time in a matter of seconds automatically.