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Official WordPress Plugin

Experience the magic of Filkers through our WordPress Plugin. Design and build more engaging content for your clients

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More than 1000+ ready-made video templates that automatically adapt to your products information

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Videos are capable of increasing conversion rates by over 80%. Increase your customer retention and engagement

All your eCommerce products’ data is connected.

Filkers automatically creates videos based on your product’s details.
No design skills required.

Filkers blocks for WooCommerce

Filkers blocks for Gutenberg and Elementor enhance your Gutenberg and Elementor editors with advanced blocks that help you build eCommerce websites with content that updates in real-time.

Create personalised web banners with react technology in a matter of seconds.

Design automated product video grids with your eCommerce catalogue.

Take your WooCommerce website to the next level.

All-in-one platform

Filkers helps you create personalized video marketing content for your eCommerce in only 1 click. Translate and portray your ideas into videos and export them to your favorite online platform. Video ads, social media, web banners, email marketing…you choose!

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Need inspiration? Access Filkers and discover our templates collection and set your designer skills free! Take your eCommerce visibility to the next level by playing with the many easy design features.

Filkers counts with more than 1000 professionally designed templates that can be used with ease. No need to have design skills.

How to install the
plugin for Woocommerce
and make videos of your products
in real time

Follow this video and start creating amazing ads for your services and products: