Automated product video creation

Synchronise your Prestashop with Filkers
and start doing video marketing with your products.

Enhance your website

As part of your marketing strategy, video content increases retention and engagement rates.

Gain visibility online

Create social ads, web banners, youtube intros, social media posts and much more.

Convert more

Including videos on your landing page and social media can increase conversion by 80%.

Just a few steps away to experience the power
of automated and real-time video production

Endless creativity options

Choose your favourite size: Web banner, square, vertical…

You can display on your website or export on your favourite format: MP4, GIF or JPEG posters.

No design skills needed

Access 1000+ professionally designed video-templates.

Convert more doing personalised product videos

Create smart, animated and unique designs to improve your business’ attractiveness and visibility.

Save time, money and efforts

Filkers automatically synchronises your product data with the video templates.

Avoid spending extra time and effort on creating impactful content.

Filkers takes all your video changes in real-time.

How to install the
Prestashop Module
and make videos of your products
in real time

Follow these steps to sync your online store with Filkers and start creating amazing ads for your services and products

1. Get the keys to configuration in Prestashop

On Filkers, in the left sidebar of the screen enter Connect my eCommerce

Click on the icon Prestashop to generate the keys that will you have to paste on your Prestashop when you set it up. (Follow the video to get accurate instructions)

2. Download the Filkers module

Click on the button DOWNLOAD PRESTASHOP MODULE from the bottom of this page to download the module Filkers what do you have to install on your Prestashop to be able to connect them.

3. Activate the module in Prestashop

After downloading the module Filkers, go to your Prestashop to the section MODULES and enter Module Manager. Click on the button Upload a module, add here the module Filkers that you have previously downloaded.

4. Finish the configuration by paste the keys

Once the module is uploaded in your Prestashop, push the button SET UP, add the keys that have been generated in Filkers and save.

Synchronization has started.

If you had Filkers open, refresh the session to see your products from Prestashop.