How to configure the connection between Filkers and
to make videos of your products
in real time

Follow these steps to sync your online store withFilkers
and start creating amazing ads for your services and products with Magento:

1. Sign up for Filkers:

If you are registering for the first time, choose the Magento option during the process, as you see in the image:

  1. Choose the Magento option.
  2. Write your web address
  3. Press Connect

You will receive an email with these instructions to follow and terminate the connection between your Magento and Filkers.

2.- Go to the Backoffice of your Magento and follow the following steps:

2.1. In the main menu on the left sidebar of the screen, go to ‘System’ and choose ‘Integrations’.

2.2. Click on ‘Add new integration’
2.3. Go to ‘Integration Information’, to add general information about the new integration:
  1. Write the name of our app: Filkers
  2. Enter your Magento password: ****
2.4. Go to ‘API’ and click on the folders to which you are going to give Filkers access:
  1. Click only on the folders listed: Catalog · Inventory · Products Categories

    Stores · Settings · All stores

  2. Press Save
2.5. Now, it is time to verify that you have given correct access to Filkers.
  1. If everything is correct
  2. Allow to follow the process

2.6. Copy ‘Access Token’ and press ‘done’
  1. Copy the Access Token.
  2. Click on Done

When you’re done here, you have to go to Filkers to paste the ‘Access token’

2.7. To finish the process, click on ‘Activate’
  1. Activate
3. Go to Filkers and paste the Access Token to terminate the connection.
  1. Click on ‘Connect your store’
    If you already chose Magento when you first registered, you no longer have to do this step.
  2. Click on the name of your online store.
3.2. Go to the details of the App on the right side of the screen:

You can edit the name and change it.

  1. Write the web address of your eCommerce (
  2. Paste your ‘Access Token’ from Magento
  3. Press ‘SAVE’
Synchronization has started.

The sync time depends on the size of the store, the number of products and your subscription plan.