Connect your eCommerce with Canva

Create unique content with your products from thousands of custom templates.

Connect your store with Canva, boost your creativity and increase your productivity.

Automatic synchronization

Filkers automatically uploads all your eCommerce products into Canva, organised by folders

Endless design possibilities

Access thousands of designs to improve your conversion rates. Craft easy and attractive designs to reach more customers

Reduce efforts

Increase productivity, reduce efforts and costs of production.

Connect your eCommerce store
and increase your visibility online

Seamless integration

Just a few clicks away from having all your eCommerce products integrated on Canva. Ready to use on any Canva template.

No extra Canva storage taken

Have all your eCommerce products inside of Canva without taking any storage. Only take storage of those images that you use on your designs.

Take advantage of Filkers outside of Canva

The integration between Filkers and Canva allows users to export their designs to Filkers and convert them into videos. Give your product designs the attention they deserve. Create social media content, sales promotions, ads, GIFs and much more.

Advantages of connecting
your eCommerce with Canva

Discover the benefits of connecting your online store with Canva.

Now connect your eCommerce through Filkers to create visual and creative content with your products in Canva. With Filkers you can improve your conversions and boost your online business by producing impactful and personalized content with all your articles.

Immediate connection

with the images and data of your products

Automatic sync

when updating your products or adding new references

Unlimited creativity

with thousands of templates to promote your products in a personalized way