All-in-One Solution

Connect, create and publish your ads on the web, social networks, Digital Signage, Google Ads

Digital Marketing

Visual, dynamic and attractive ads for your stories, posts, banners, screens.

Real Time

Automated templates connected to your data. Instant updates.


Your ads in your shopping window

Publish your ads on a tablet or TV monitor to put in your shop window or at any point of sale. Filkers Digital Window is the digital signage revolution: easier, more effective and less expensive.


Ads for your
Social Networks

Infinite templates for your creativity.
FILKERS allows you to create all the videos you need for any publication in your social networks, in any format.


Improve the image of your website to attract more

Design your website with more visual banners. Publish your playlists promoting your products.

CONNECT eCommerce

Connect your ecommerce and automate your ads

Generate highly visual ads.
Choose a template, drag a product, and you’re done!

A plan for every need

Choose your best option without losing services. All your Digital Marketing from a single platform.

Connect your ecommerce or ERP

In seconds all the content of your ecommerce [title, description, category, price and photos] ready to start creating ads. You don’t have to do anything, the whole process is automated.

Every modification you make to a product in your ecommerce will automatically appear in FILKERS and the data will be updated in all ads for that product in real time. Without you having to do anything.

You choose a template, drag the product into it and that’s it, you have your ad with data connected.



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