5 neutral colors that are trend in autumn – winter 20/21

5 neutral colors that are trend in autumn - winter 20/21
neutral colors that are trend in autumn – winter 20/21

Discover the trends in neutral colors and let yourself be guided by our design experts so that your ads are spectacular with Filkers.

When editing a template in Filkers Color plays a very important role in making your message clear and your products looking great. If you want to create your ideal range to personalize your ads, our design experts recommend five classic colors that, according to the Pantone Institute, are a trend this autumn-winter season and that are sure to combine perfectly with your corporate colors or other trendy shades.

Jet Stream (PANTONE 11-0605):
cold grayish white reminiscent of something recycled due to its lack of purity.

Hexadecimal color: # EDE6DE

Almond Oil (PANTONE 12-0713):
Off-white with a warm, soft and subtle trend that brings a lot of light.

Hexadecimal color: # F4E4C1

Blue Depths (PANTONE 19-3940):
dark blue that adds a touch of mystery to your ad.

Hexadecimal color: # 263056

Sleet (PANTONE 16-3916):
timeless and elegant neutral gray that builds confidence and durability.

Hexadecimal color: # 92949B

Military Olive (PANTONE 19-0622):
warm military green that brings strength and courage.

Hexadecimal color: # 63563B

These neutral tones are the perfect base to create your own color combinations. And remember that if you don’t dare to unleash your creativity in terms of colors, you can always use the color palettes designed by our design team.


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