Filkers eCommerce Video Marketing

Get to know our platform in more detail! Learn all about how it works and learn about a new digital marketing strategy.

We have talked in previous posts about video marketing and its advantages. However, it is time to talk about our history and what we have created in Filkers! Video marketing for eCommerce.

Video Marketing for eCommerce

We have developed the most advanced technology in specialized video marketing for eCommerce businesses.

Filkers is capable of collecting all the data of the products of an eCommerce and transforming them into videos in a matter of seconds thanks to the designed video templates.


Connect your eCommerce , choose a template, choose the product you want and BOOM ! video ready

Filkers has more than +1000 templates, each and every one of them prepared to meet the needs of users. Do you need to create a campaign for Facebook Ads? Choose the square templates. A story for Instagram? Choose the vertical format A post for Instagram? Choose the square template and start preparing unique content for your professional social media profile.

Filkers will help you stand out in your social video campaigns thanks to its unique video marketing technology.

At Filkers, you decide the way you work and promote your products, we take care that all your products are always up to date and just one click away from automatically creating videos.

Advantages of Filkers video marketing

  • Save money and time by designing all your online promotions
  • Have unlimited content for your social media marketing campaigns
  • It’s time to put aside making mistakes by setting prices or discounts manually.
  • If you are a marketing agency and you have clients with eCommerce, don’t think twice, use Filkers and have fresh and innovative content for your clients
  • Changes in real time – Change any price, image or description in your eCommerce and all these changes will be automatically reflected in our platform. And you know what? All these changes are also applied to your saved designs in Filkers to always have your content updated.

The time has come to boost your visual content and improve your digital marketing strategies thanks to our video marketing tool.

Register here and start creating designs to stand out from your competition


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