4 Video Marketing trends

Read about the latest trends in video marketing. Filkers is specialized in video marketing for eCommerce.

Among the most noticeable trends of 2021 we can find video marketing, one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Filkers, the latest technology on video marketing for eCommerce, would like to guide you through the latest trends in video marketing.

4 Video Marketing trends

Nowadays, this strategy is highly used because of the increased activity on social networks and strong interest in online entertainment.

As you may already know, TikTok, Instagram Reels or Facebook Ads have been key in popularizing video creation.

So what are the biggest trends in video marketing?

Live Videos

Social networks’ live streams (as seen on TikTok or Instagram) are important in terms of online visual content consumption. However, YouTube streams or real-time streaming platforms such as Twitch continue to be market leaders.

Social Video

As mentioned before, one of the most used strategies in video marketing is social media video creation.
TikTok remains a leader in the creation of visual and user-friendly content. On the contrary, Instagram focuses more on video marketing creation through its Reels.

YouTube, however, continues to be users’ favorite video platform. This social network gathers video content from many fields and answers many different online users’ needs. The video platform hosts varied content such as tutorials, vlogs, documentaries, etc.

Brands continue to use YouTube to promote their business, products and service through video ads. Businesses have the opportunity to gain authority, grow their brand, showcase their products or services by using video ads on social media platforms.

LinkedIn is another suggested platform for video marketing implementation since it has been proven in recent years that LinkedIn users are 10 times more likely to share a video on their profiles compared to other social networks.

Ads on large platforms

Making use of OTT ad services is another strategy for the implementation of video marketing. This strategy, even though very effective, is costly and mostly opened to large organizations.

Video Marketing & personalization

The rise of artificial intelligence makes the creation of personalized video campaigns targeting specific users groups easier. Because of this technological improvement, brands know more about users’ behaviors and can, therefore, create valuable, personal and qualitative content increasing the chances of conversion.

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