How to connect Prestashop to Filkers

Learn how to connect your Prestashop to Filkers and start creating unique video marketing campaigns with your products
Learn how to connect Prestashop to Filkers

Prestashop Video Marketing – Filkers

Start doing video marketing with your Prestashop products. Automatically connect your eCommerce with Filkers and start making new video content on your favourite format in just 3 clicks!

Synchronize your Prestashop business to Filkers and create smart, unique and animated ads to advertise your products and services! ????

How to connect your Prestashop to Filkers? It’s very simple, follow along!

  1. Log in to your Filkers account
  2. Click on ‘Connect your shop’ and select Prestashop
  3. Download and install the Filkers module for Prestashop
  4. Paste the keys generated on filkers

Done! Your Prestashop eCommerce is instantly connected to Filkers. You can now start creating designs effortlessly ????

What are the benefits of connecting your Prestashop to Filkers?

  1. Have all your Prestashop products’ data automatically synchronized on Filkers each time you update your e-business
  2. Create ads effortlessly, only a few clicks are needed!
  3. Access a large amount of creative and animated templates to choose from on the ‘Template’ tab
  4. Take advantage of an easy tool/platform to create content for your organisation

Start enhancing your digital marketing strategies with Filkers video marketing tool! 

Unique, advanced and helpful technology never seen before


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