How to connect Shopify with Filkers

Connect your Shopify with Filkers and start creating unique and personalized content of your products to promote on your favorite digital channels.

Welcome to a new tutorial. This time we show you how to connect your store Shopify with Filkers. We will explain its advantages and how to do it step by step!


What are the benefits of connecting Shopify with Filkers?

  • Have all your products automatically connected and synced with Filkers. Every change you make to your eCommerce will be reflected in Filkers as well.
  • Create content and ads for your products in seconds.
  • Access an immense selection of Smart templates, each and every one of them prepared to adapt to your needs.
  • Take advantage of an easy-to-use tool to create content for your business.
  • Increase online visibility.
  • Get higher sales by creating an attractive and lively online profile.

How to Connect Shopify with Filkers – Step by Step

You can view the YouTube video that we have published at the top of the page, if not, follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Create an account at
  • Enter the online platform
  • Click on “Your products”
  • Click on Connect store
  • Choose Shopify and enter your store URL
  • Automatically all your products will be connected

With these simple steps you have in your hands the possibility to start creating content. Reducing design time and costs. Additionally, Filkers can connect with Canva.

Connecting Filkers with Canva has multiple advantages, have you read our blog post about the advantages of connecting your eCommerce with Canva? Sign in here


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