How to connect Canva with Filkers

Connect Canva with your eCommerce thanks to Filkers in very simple steps!
How to connect Canva with Filkers

Creating highly visual content to promote your eCommerce can be a struggle, but with the help of Filkers this creative process will go smoothly! Filkers automates all processes to save your time and reduce your efforts.

To begin with, by connecting your eCommerce with Filkers, all your products’ data will be available to start creating videos. Besides, if you like designing in Canva, it is your lucky day: Filkers is an app integrated in Canva. This means that you will also have the photos of your products at your disposal.

Advantages of connecting Canva with Filkers

Find all the benefits of connecting Canva with Filkers below:

  • All the images of your eCommerce products at hand, organized by folders.
  • Auto sync: Add a new product to your eCommerce and Canva will update your information automatically.
  • Fast and easy content creation.
  • You don’t need to spend time searching for your product images on your computer or having to upload them one by one.
  • Submit your design to Filkers and create automated custom video ads.
  • Submitting your design to Filkers allows you to create content in multiple formats, including mp4 and GIF.
eCommerce to connect Canva with Filkers
eCommerce to connect Canva with Filkers
Select a product for your design
After connecting Canva with Filkers

Filkers is an official built-in Canva app

As you may have guessed, we are Canva lovers. We are pleased to announce that we are part of the official Canva apps. Working closely with Canva helps users automate their content design processes.

Connecting your eCommerce with Canva through Filkers will help you save time in your marketing actions as you will have all the products of your online store in Canva available to use in your designs.

How to connect

Follow the easy steps below to connect your eCommerce to Canva.

1Choose a template or the design you want in Canva Select a design in Canva
2Click on “More”, you can find it at the bottom left of the page and look for the Filkers app.Connect Canva with Filkers: Find the Filkers app
3Press “Connect”.Connect Canva with Filkers: tap Connect
4Sign up to connect and choose your eCommerce.Connect Canva with Filkers: connect your eCommerce
5Once you have selected your e-commerce, all its products will start to load automatically and will be organized by folders.Wait for your online store to sync
6Done!Connect Canva with Filkers: your products are organized by folders
Steps to connect your eCommerce with Canva

Follow these simple steps and have all your products at hand to start creating. Save time and storage space in Canva!

We hope you can now start creating amazing content for your audience and publishing it on your favorite platforms!


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