New Filkers version and its upgrades

We have launched a new version of Filkers! Take a few moments to read the exciting news about the new Filkers upgrades
New Filkers version

Hi there! As you may have seen around our social media we have launched the new version of Filkers. This new version has drastically changed the way we perceive ads creation and products/services promotion.

What’s new?

We have made possible the impossible – We are now able to connect an entire eCommerce catalogue and create ads for your products with connected data in a matter of seconds.

What is the meaning of connected data?

Well, we have developed a technology capable of collecting data from eCommerce products including price, images, description and discounted prices or promotions.

What happens when you connect a product to a smart template on Filkers?

Ad creation in 3 simple steps

Magic happens, as you can see on the video, your products are already connected with Filkers. Once you choose your favorite or most suitable template, all your data is automatically introduced into the template. Easy as that.

What is new with the updated version of Filkers?

Filkers has now become even more user-friendly, it now has two different modes: easy and advanced editing.

Easy editing

Three very simple steps: Select your desired smart template, click on your connected product and done. Save and export your design, your ad is ready with all the information.

Advanced editing

If you wish to edit your design even further, now you have the option of advanced editing. Here you can free your imagination and play around with typography, sizing, badges, different layouts and much more!

Check out an example below of the incredible results you can get by using Filkers!

Video result with the use of a smart template

We are changing the way eCommerce businesses can boost their sales, saving a lot of time and money.

Filkers is an user-friendly platform, fast and powerful tool that enables businesses promote their products or services in a matter of seconds. Everything in a unique and attractive way!

Do not forget that we are also an integrated CANVA app. You can connect your eCommerce business with CANVA too and have all your products ready to be edited on CANVA. If you prefer, you can also send them to Filkers and take advatange of all the smart templates that are waiting for you!

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