How to Take Advantage of Filkers Smart Templates

Get started with Filkers smart templates and learn how to create unique and visual content with responsive text and data connected to your products.
How to create a new video with responsive text

In this blog post we are going to show you an example on how to create content with text that automatically adapts to your needs. Filkers smart templates are at your disposal to adapt to your needs. Free your imagination.

Why do we call them smart templates?

We have developed a technology capable of connecting connected data of your products with our templates

What does this mean?

Check out the video we have made for you below. As a result, Filkers is able to change the design of a template in real time with connected data from eCommerce products. Filkers gathers the price, title, images and discounted price of the selected eCommerce products and automatically transfers them to the selected smart template.

Video tutorial on using responsive text in smart templates

Incredible right?

Filkers can connect to eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Woo Commerce, Prestashop, and soon Magento. This connection happens in a matter of seconds. Having the ability to have all the products ready to create content with the use of our smart templates.

Easy, fast and without the need for advanced design skills!

With Filkers you have the ability to create unique content to promote your products or services online. You choose, web, blog, social networks or your favorite digital platform. We give you the advantage of being able to export your content in different formats to adapt to your needs. Including GIF, MP4 or static posters!

See the results!

Video result with the use of a smart template

Connect your eCommerce now and start using smart templates. Start taking your communication to the next level how the most important brands in the market do. Create attractive and hassle-free ads.

Interact with your audience and improve your online presence, this will increase the reach of your business and improve the return on investment in the digital ecosystem. Register now for free at No credit card required!


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