How to create an introduction for Youtube

Create an eye-catching introduction for Youtube with Filkers in just a few minutes and easily.

In this article we are going to show you how create a introduction flashy for yours Youtube videos with Filkers in a few easy steps.

YouTube is both a fun-filled entertainment tool and a great professional tool. Its operation is frankly simple and once the channel is created you can upload your public or private videos.

Certainly, having an intro clip on your videos builds momentum for your YouTube channel and attracts more likes, views, and subscribers. With Filkers you can renew the appearance of the content you broadcast.

What is an intro for YouTube and the importance of having it

Roughly , the intros on Youtube are equivalent to the openings of television programs. The content creators of this social network use these input clips to differentiate themselves from other creators and facilitate their identification with other channels.

Creating a striking introduction for YouTube can help attract the attention of users by strengthening the identity of your channel and transmitting professionalism. In this way, your videos will generate more interest in your audience.

In addition, using different clips with small modifications, depending on the content of the video, helps to define and establish the themes of our videos. For example, with a few simple changes such as modifying the colors and images for each of your introductions.

Intro for Youtube
Intro for Youtube

Remember that the introduction of YouTube is the first thing you see when playing a video and influences brand recognition. Similarly, an original and fun intro creates intrigue, encourages curiosity, and stays on the channel.

For this reason, designing a high-quality lead clip is the best way to impress your viewers. Applying an attractive introduction makes your YouTube channel unforgettable.

Plus, it provides a quick summary of content and is an effective way to increase your video watch time and rank higher on this video social network.

Tips for creating your custom intro

The first recommendation is to create a short introduction for Youtube. To avoid being boring, it should be short and last about 8 seconds. However, some Youtubers dare to extend this time to 15 seconds.

The second tip is to use your logo in animation as it is a great opportunity to boost your brand recognition.

Finally, regarding the ideal moment to place the introduction for your YouTube videos, you have 2 options:

  • Place the introduction at the beginning of the video.
  • Present the topic you are going to discuss or launch a question to get the attention of your audience and place the intro afterwards.

How to Create an Intro for Youtube with Filkers

The first few seconds of a video are the most important moment to capture your audience’s attention. In Filkers, with our drag and drop tool, creating an intro clip for your videos is very easy, giving your YouTube channel the professional touch they need to stand out on the web.

Choose a template from the Filkers Gallery for your Youtube intro
Choose a template from the Filkers Gallery for your Youtube intro
  1. Login to Filkers
  2. In Gallery , select the most appropriate format, generally horizontal.
  3. Choose a template from the repository and drag it to the right column to add it to a new campaign.
  4. Make the necessary changes to the design such as modifying the color palette and inserting your logo.
  5. Add your design to a Playlist .
  6. Modify the texts.
  7. Add your own photos or browse images in the image bank.
  8. Save and click the Export this ad button.
  9. Accede to Exports in the left column.
  10. Open the appropriate card and download your entry clip.
Create your introduction for Youtube with Filkers
Create your introduction for Youtube with Filkers

In this way you can now integrate your input clip into your YouTube videos.

On the other hand, if you need to trim the duration of your input clip you can use the free online Trim Video tool from 123apps to reduce it. Its operation is very easy:

  1. Drag your video.
  2. Select the duration on the timeline.
  3. Save by clicking on the “Save” button.
Trim your introduction for Youtube with Trim Video by 123apps
Trim your introduction for Youtube with Trim Video by 123apps

In conclusion, adding an eye-catching introduction to your YouTube videos will help you reinforce your brand image. Remember that it is the first thing that is seen in a reproduction and the duration must be adequate to avoid the boredom of your viewers. You can simply add a clip as a visual signature, that is, an animated presentation with the name of your channel and some graphic or moving image.


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