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Connect any product with +1,000 customizable video templates for Social Media, Ads, Web and Digital Signage


We connect with any technology.

Filkers connects with databases, spreadsheets, eCommerce and other online services. Many of the Filkers integrations have a direct plugin or module.

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Create incredible campaigns for Social Media

Promote your products in an incredible way by creating videos for Social Media and Ads, in a matter of seconds . Capturing the attention of your audience, in a market saturated with information, has never been so easy.

Optimized formats for Ads, Post, Reel, Stories and downloadable in MP4, JPG and GIF. Ready to share!

Make an impact with a more dynamic website

Transform the visual image of your Ecommerce by incorporating Sliders and Carousels with clickable videos.

Say goodbye to that static, boring website to turn your ecommerce into something much more attractive and dynamic. Impress your visitors, keep their attention and increase the time spent on your site with product videos that update automatically.

Increase your online sales

Incredibly highlight your products on the web with animated product Grids.

Your most effective resource to direct the attention of your visitors and enhance your sales strategy. You will love using it in your related product sections or in your upselling or cross-selling actions.


Discover the power of synchronized templates

The LIVE DATA function connects and synchronizes, online, all the products of your store with +1,000 customizable video templates, to create videos for Social Media, Ads and Web, in a matter of seconds.


Save time and processes when creating content. All your products, images, titles and prices will be available in one click, to create your videos instantly.


Forget about updating the data. Any changes you make to the products in the store will be reflected, instantly, in your Filkers templates.


Publish your videos on the web with one click. Once you have published your first product Slider or Grid video on the web, you can update or change your videos with the click of a button.

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E-commerce stores

Now taking the leap that your Ecommerce needs is a piece of cake. Create incredible videos for Social Media, Ads and Web, in a matter of seconds. No knowledge of design, editing or programming.

Are you a Dropshipper? Increase your sales by creating product videos for Facebook Ads, instantly.

Social Media & Community Managers

Save time and processes by creating the best visual content for your customers. Instantly create incredible promotional videos for Social Media and video Ads.

Synchronized templates are available in Post, Stories, Reels format. Exportable in MP4, JPG, animated GIF to share whenever you want, in networks or email marketing.

Web Designers & Developers

Transform, in a matter of seconds, the visual image of the web with clickable dynamic elements such as video sliders, carousels or animated product grids.

The most practical and affordable way to add value to your client's website without having to create a new one. They will thank you forever.

Marketing Agencies

Boost your business and optimize, like never before, content creation resources, with the fastest, most intuitive and affordable collaborative video-marketing tool for eCommerce.

Getting where you couldn't before with video Marketing is possible.

A Must for you, and for your clients.

Get the most out of Canva

Connect Canva with Filkers and access all the images in your Commerce in real time to instantly create designs with your products without the need to upload and download the images.

Filkers syncs online with your store to always have all your product images up-to-date on Canva.

Now with CANVA and FILKERS you design without limits!

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